Sunday, March 22, 2009

Tis the season...... for U.F.O's - Latest report from Evansville

Well, it's been a few months, and you know what that means. NUFORC finally updated their reports. And Evansville is on it again. This one is from January. And it is a very short report:

National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 1/21/2009 18:15 (Entered as : 01/21/09 18:15)
Reported: 1/21/2009 4:55:26 PM 16:55
Posted: 3/19/2009
Location: Evansville, IN
Shape: Unknown
Duration:4 seconds
A yellowish light shot through the sky like a meteor but arched and disappeared.

That's it. Not very detailed.
But here I would like to say that I myself have been frequently seeing this same type of activity here in Evansville. Anytime I go outside, whether it is to take the dog out or coming and going from the car, I almost always take a look at the skies. Over the past two months or so, I have been seeing what appears to be fairly large and bright white lights moving quickly through the sky. Most times I see it at early evening, just after sunset. There is almost constant air traffic around here. So I could not be more used to seeing airplanes and helicopters in the sky. I am quite familiar with how they look and act. These white "orbs" for lack of a better term, appear larger than a normal aircraft light. And they are constantly illuminated, never blinking or flashing. Also they seem to be moving quite quickly, seemingly faster than an airplane. But not super fast. They are usually lower on the horizon. For instance, one I saw recently just after I backed out of my driveway, and started heading west on my road. Each side of the road has many trees, and I saw it go from left to right between the break in the trees. See my included sketch. This is about all of the detail I can give. Has anyone else been seeing this activity or anything similar? Please comment and let us know.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Yet another Evansville UFO report from Nov '08

Here we have another sighting in Evansville that happened this past November. This report is taken from MUFON.

Case Number: 13716
Log Number: US-11142008-0014
Submitted Date: Sat, 15 Nov 2008 04:22:14 UTC
Event Date: Thu, 13 Nov 2008 05:00:00 UTC
Status: Completed
Disposition: Insufficient Data
City: Evansville
Region: Indiana
Country: US
Longitude: -87.55879974365234
Latitude: 37.98320007324219
Shape: Triangle
Distance: Unknown

I was driving home from work (North on 164-Headed for Interstate 64). It was around 11 o'clock at night. I look to the west and notice a very bright light in the distance, thinking it must be a plane getting ready to land at Evansville Regional airport. Still driving, I kept looking in that direction and the light was getting closer and closer. I then noticed that it was actually two lights. As the lights kept getting closer, I noticed it was a perfect triangle of three very bright white lights. I was trying to see if there was any blinking lights on the craft and there wasn't any, and then it kinda dawned on me that this craft was moving way too slow to be a normal airplane and it was headed right toward me. I stopped my car about 6 miles south of Interstate 64 to see if it was even moving at all. This flying triangle appeared to be about 1000 feet off the ground give or take, and it didn't seem to be moving any faster than a car driving down a highway. As this craft flew over head and turned south toward Evansville, I could see that the back of the craft was concave with three bright white lights as well and three smaller, dimmer red lights on the lower end of it......none of the lights were blinking. I kept watching the craft, amazed at how large it was flying at low altitude, and also how SLOW it was moving....watching it until it went behind the horizon. I obviously don't think this was an alien space craft...because I am a bigtime skeptic of all things paranormal.....especially UFO's....all UFO means is something in the air that a person doesn't recognize....nothing more, nothing less. However, I am fascinated by aviation and I would like to know if anyone else has seen these craft in this general area.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Another Evansville sighting - 11-18-08

NUFORC updated again recently. Maybe they heard my complaint. lol. But still, they post this report almost two months after it happened. I wish we could get the info a little quicker. None the less, here it is:

Occurred : 11/18/2008 17:25 (Entered as : 11/18/08 17:25)
Reported: 11/19/2008 5:51:40 AM 05:51
Posted: 1/10/2009
Location: Evansville, IN
Shape: Unknown
Duration:5 minutes

Two small craft with a sequence of red lights made an instantaeous 90 degree turn to follow a commercial aircraft.

A clearly identifiable commercial aircraft was flying to the north east over the campus of the University of Southern Indiana. Two smaller craft of unidentifable shape but blinking with red and white lights were heading towards the north west. They were flying in formation - one was closely following the other. Initially, I presumed they were military jets, but I could only hear the noise of one aircraft engine. When they reached the spot where they bisected the flight path of the commercial aircraft, both smaller craft immediately turned at a 90-degree angle and began following the commercial jet. These smaller craft did not bank, as airplanes would do - they simply changed directions in an instant. Once they changed direction, they also changed color. Instead of blinking red and white, they were blinking red only. Further, the location of the lights changed as well. Instead of appearing to be on either side of the craft, a series of red lights blinked in sequence as if along the side of a circular craft. At this point, two additional craft appeared; they were even smaller than the initial two and they blinked with only white lights. They flew near the initial group for a few seconds, then they flew off rapidly in two different directions (one to the southwest, the other to the northeast). The commercial aircraft and its companions were ultimately lost to sight, continuing to head southeast.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Oldie But Goldie - Classic report from Evansville 1953

I always found this to be a very interesting report from the Indiana MUFON site. What are your thoughts? Please comment.

Silver Globe

August, 1953 Submitted to MUFON: April 16, 2008
Evansville, Indiana County: Vanderburgh

As a child of six years old I was playing in the alley beside our home in the 400 block of third Street in Evansville on a day in August of 1953. My mother was in the kitchen at the sink which overlooked alley where I was playing. I heard a loud humming sound overhead, There was a large silvery colored globe approximately 100 feet in diameter over a tree beside the alley, about fifty feet in the air. A loud humming sound was coming from it. The globe had a band of portal windows that circled around the globe. Humanoid figures were peering out those portals watching me play. My mother seeing the craft sent for my father to bring me in the house. She called the police. Numerous police cars arrived in moments. The police began firing at the globe with rifles, pistols and shotguns. That went on for about one hour. The craft never seemed to be hit are damaged. Then it finally just went straight up into the air until it disappeared. I had a large bushel basket of those shell casings that I picked up out of the alley until I threw them away as a freshman in high school.

Investigators comments: Mr. Lain definitely remembers his described event as a child. No record of this event has been found by the Evansville paper and was apparently never reported by the news media at the time. Based on witnesses data and response we can only call this report "unknown" with insufficient evidence.

Status: Unknown

Recent sighting from October 10th in Evansville - Part 2

Here is the official report from NUFORC. A great database but I wish they would update more than 6 times a year. Like I should talk. lol.

Occurred : 10/10/2008 04:50 (Entered as : 10/10/08 4:50)
Reported: 10/10/2008 12:15:22 PM 12:15
Posted: 10/31/2008
Location: Evansville, IN
Shape: Formation
Duration:10 minutes+

I saw a huge V-shaped object moving slowly and silently over the roof tops in my neighborhood.

I heard a noise that woke me up about 4:40 AM. It sounded like jets flying over low and they continued for several minutes so I got up to looked outside. The jet noise was gone but I saw an oval shaped object high in the sky with a series of rotating/strobing lights on the bottom. I shut the door and went to get my glasses and when I opened the door again there was a huge V-shaped object, very low in the sky, huge, moving silently and slowly across the sky. Moving North to southwest directly over my backyard, then over my neighbor's house. I stared at it for several minutes. I was so scared I just shut the door again. I decided to open the door again and when I did, the other oval shaped thing was back in the same place in the sky and the V-shaped thing was gone. This happened this morning. I live near the Expressway but I have not heard of any news reports of anyone else seeing it. This V shaped thing looked as big as a warehouse or bigger.

((NUFORC Note: Witness elects to remain totally anonymous; provides no contact information. PD))

Friday, November 28, 2008

Recent sighting from October 10th - Evansville

I just stumbled across this comment left on It is not an officially filed report, but none the less interesting.

Anonymous said...
I live in Evansville, Indiana and I saw something very similar at 5AM on October 10,2008. First I heard a bunch of military jets flying over. They were so loud I got up and looked outside. Then I saw a group of bright objects flying in a triangle formation. They flew directly over my garage. Totally no sound. It looked like a triangle shaped platform was directly above them. It was huge. As big as a warehouse. Maybe 100 feet up flying 10 mph with no sound. I also saw another one shaped like an oval further away in the distance. I live near Lloyd Expressway on the eastside of Evansville. This thing came from northeast direction looks like it would have flown over Newburgh, IN flying southwest. It had to fly over I 164 and the Lloyd. If anyone else saw this on Oct. 10, 2008 between 4:30 and 5 AM, contact Southern Indiana Mufon. They know how to contact me. It would make me feel better to know someone else saw this. Thanks

Monday, October 13, 2008

10-12-08 Interesting article in today's local newspaper

It's been slow on the news front. Which is typical this time of year. But we are just two nights away from the predicted "BIG" sighting on Tuesday October 14th. We shall see. Anyway, there was an interesting article in today's local newspaper. Take a look.

Knox County man is eye in sky for strange sightings

By Garret Mathews (Contact)
Originally published 09:55 p.m., October 11, 2008
Updated 09:55 p.m., October 11, 2008

VINCENNES, Ind. — A strange object appears in the sky and gives off an equally mysterious wave of light that trails off into the darkness.

Who you gonna call?

Jerry Sievers.

The 69-year-old Knox County man is state director of Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), an international agency that investigates unexplained aerial sightings. There are about 3,000 members worldwide — including comedian Dan Aykroyd — and approximately four dozen in Indiana.

Sievers says he's seen "hundreds of questionable flying objects." He says he's talked with "a dozen or so credible persons" who claim to have been abducted.

"A lot of people think I'm a kook," the retired security guard admits, "but I get the impression that more and more individuals believe it's arrogant to have the feeling we're the only life form in the galaxy. There could well be other planets like the Earth orbiting other suns."

Sievers points to UFO programs on the History and Discovery channels as proof that believers have a foothold in society.

And he cites a "very strange occurrence" in March of this year in Kokomo, Ind.

"There was a loud explosion, and the police were dispatched to a debris field. There were all sorts of vehicles from ambulances to school buses, but officially it was labeled a nonevent. Later, the field looked like it had been bulldozed and any evidence removed."

Sievers said MUFON investigators talked to 22 witnesses who claimed they saw UFOs over Kokomo.

"One described a black triangle with lights trailing about the time of the explosion. There was background radiation, but nothing was determined."

Sievers hasn't been able to walk unaided since he was a toddler because of a muscular disease that until recently was believed to be polio.

"They're not specifically certain on what I have, but the bottom line is I can't get up off the couch without crutches. Because I don't get around so well, I don't go out in the field too much any more. I find myself coordinating the efforts of others."

He believes there are alien objects whose inhabitants "have harmful intent" but admits MUFON volunteers differ on the subject.

"Some think they are scoping us out with an eventual plan for the mingling of the races. In that sense, we're like lab animals. A few others see a more spiritual end of it. They believe the UFOs are angels coming to save us."

Sievers blames the government for years of denial.

"When I first got interested, the avowed purpose of saying there were no UFOs was to prevent panic. Those in charge were ordered to tell the public that any peculiar sightings were just swamp gas."

Knox County, Sievers points out, has a history of bizarre goings-on in this regard.

"A lot of it occurred in an area known as Lucky Point, not far from Monroe City. From the 1960s to the 1980s, there were almost daily reports of strange lights in the sky and electrical interference. People were sitting in their cars, and all of a sudden their radios went out. It got so bad at one point that the town marshal had to go out there and direct traffic."

He recalls a 1985 incident.

"I was there with a friend for some night watching. I'm in a lawn chair, and she's walking the road. Over the ridge comes a reddish ball of light with two white lights at a 45-degree angle. In 10 seconds, it was gone.

"Twenty minutes later, a bigger orange ball of light raised up above the road and then moved slowly toward the south. Those were the most definitive things I've ever seen."

Not all his visits to Lucky Point were so fruitful.

"I've spent the entire night in that area and seen absolutely nothing."

He says MUFON workers have talked with people who claim aliens have implanted radio wires in their skulls as tracking devices.

"I believe only about 2 percent of people make up stuff to get attention. I mean, why would you want to open yourself up to ridicule? And sometimes people are just wrong. There was a strange beam of light reported not long ago in northern Indiana, but it turned out to be a police helicopter."

Sievers, who has no formal scientific training, notes that it isn't the job of UFO investigators to determine if the person making a claim is telling the truth.

"We just do the legwork and file the reports."

He smiles.

"I've talked to all the police dispatchers around here. They know to contact me if anything comes up."

Sievers recalls one woman who claimed she had been abducted.

"They brought in a hypnotist to talk her through the experience. When she got to the part about the aliens, she became so traumatized he had to bring her out of it before she caused physical damage to herself."

Other people, he says, have said the aliens have the appearance of an image on a projection screen.

"But I'm sworn to secrecy about these matters."

Would it be vindication if a UFO landed in Times Square?

"I want to hope for that," he says, "but, truthfully, in my lifetime I don't think there will be a solution."

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Evansville UFO Sighting 8-17-08

Here is a great report with sketch. I was made aware by one of the witnesess but I took the report from

Date of Sighting: August 17, 2008
Time of Sighting: 9:30 PM CDT
Date Sighting Reported: August 18, 2008
Duration of Sighting: 8 to 10 Minutes
Location of Sighting: Evansville, Indiana (Right Across Ohio River From Kentucky)
Latitude: 38.03 Degrees North
Longitude: 87.4 Degrees West
Number of Witnesses: Two
Number of Witnesses Interviewed: Two
Weather: Clear Skies. Visibility Was 10 Miles. Winds Were From the North-Northeast at 4 MPH.

Description: I can't believe I am reporting this because my boyfriend and I talked about not telling anyone since this would make us seem crazy or people would just not believe us anyway. Here is what happened: This was the scariest night of my life and his. We were driving down Morgan Avenue and there are corn fields on each side of the road. I had seen a car parked on the side of the road and then another not too far up the road. I made a comment to my boyfriend about that and he said maybe car trouble. I had a feeling they were watching something. So I looked over at the fields and immediately noticed 2 kind of bright lights that were not close to each other, but the same height. They looked like they were above the trees and in front of them. The color was different and was kind of a bright yellow. There was something not right or normal about those lights. The light to the left looked like it went down and disappeared, but the other light that was closer to us was still there. We turned on one of the country roads off Morgan Avenue and were trying to drive towards the lights. we could tell we was getting closer and I thought we would just find out it was a radio tower light or something like that. The road had no street lights and we did not see another car driving on that street. Well, we are driving towards the lights and then my boyfriend said: it is moving towards us. I was scared and told him to stop the van to see if it was moving. So we came to a stop sign and I looked at the light and it started moving the opposite direction. It did NOT turn around like an airplane. It just started going the opposite direction away from us rather fast. We kept going down the street and there was heavy trees everywhere. In between breaks in the trees, we could see the light and it was getting smaller. Then we didn't see it. We decided to keep driving that street until we saw a place to turn around and go back home. What happened next is what totally changed my whole life. What we witnessed was so terrifying and unexplainable. All the sudden we found a place to turn around and on his side of the road was this big long fat cigar shaped thing. It was huge. Lights were going down the sides of it and they were going in a row down the side of it and then instantly they would go down the side of it again. I was so scared, we couldn't believe what we were seeing. It was huge and he turned in this driveway and backed up and then it was on my side. There were trees right beside the road. The trees were heavy and thick and there was this "thing" the size of an airplane, kind of shaped like an airplane without any wings. It was kind of like a big fat whitish cigar. IT MADE NO NOISE WHATSOEVER. It was so close to us. It was going down behind the trees looking like it was landing AND ABSOLUTELY NO NOISE. We were so scared. I kept telling my boyfriend to to go go go. He drove fast and finally we made it back to the main highway. I kept looking back and didn't see it anymore. We could not believe what we had seen. The lights were so weird how they flickered down a row down the side of the "craft."

If anyone else has any futher information about this nights activity, please contact me directly at

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Latest Area Sighting in Jasper,IN

Here is the latest area report taken fron NUFORC:

Occurred : 7/10/2008 00:35 (Entered as : 07/10/2008 00:35)
Reported: 7/11/2008 6:29:38 AM 06:29
Posted: 8/12/2008
Location: Jasper, IN
Shape: Circle
Duration:15 minutes

Four bright lights seen over Jasper, IN

I got up tp head to bed at 00:00 and went to kitchen for a drink, looked out the window which faces the West. I saw the Moon was in a very strange location and which seemed to be interacting with a cloud face. I alos noticed a bright light a large distance to the r ight of the moon which I thought might be a star. I stood there for a few sconds and out of nowhere another bright light appeared to the right of that light. I went to get my camera because I had seen this same event several months before but on a very clear night and at 03:30. When I got outside with my camera, there now was a total of four lights forming a "V" with the tip pointing up to the ski, and lacking one light to make a perfect shaped "V". As I attempted to focus my camera on the sighting, the lights were gone. I served time in the USAF as a jet engine mechanic, grewup an airforce brat in the same branch. I have been around and interested in aircraft my whole life and I know of no aircraft that acts or reacts in the manner I have discribed.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Video from Southwest Indiana - 11/9/07

Take a look at this video of strange lights moving about in the night sky.

Dancing Lights Video Taped in Southwest Indiana

Date Submitted: June 18, 2008 November 9, 2007
Time: 6:00 PM CST New Harmony, Indiana County: Posey

I was coming home from work on IL-14, when I looked north above Grayville, Il and saw two or three of the amber orbs. First one appeared, then one came below and to the left of it, then possibly another. I continued to watch the sky until I got home. When I arrived I got out my camera and tripod. I believe it was about twenty minutes before I saw anything else. The description is exactly the same as my reports from 9/11/07 and 9/12/07 in Indiana; there were the two on that date if you wish to look them up. The difference in this sighting is that I could see small dots of light splitting off from the orbs as they lit up, and continuing on in the sky to repeat this again. The orbs lasted only seconds on this occasion and there were about eight in all; most were caught on tape. The attached video has been recoded to wmv9, thus losing some quality however the important aspects can still be seen.

Breaking News: UFO spotted early this morning. 7/11/08

I just discovered this article under local news headlines on yahoo.

UFO in Gibson County?
Reported by: Web Producer
Friday, Jul 11, 2008 @05:53pm CST

For the second time within a week, a UFO sighting has been reported in southwestern Indiana. The first report was on July 4th. An unidentified person near Mackey in Gibson County snapped a picture on his cell phone then posted it on a national UFO website. It reportedly shows a glowing orange object moving from north to southwest. Early Friday morning, a man in Huntingburg reported seeing several bright lights in a "V" shape, but as he retrieved his camera, the lights disappeared. Police say they did not receive any other reports of the lights.

And here is the report from NUFORC:

Occurred : 7/4/2008 21:30 (Entered as : 07/04/08 21:30)
Reported: 7/5/2008 5:33:48 AM 05:33
Posted: 7/5/2008
Location: Mackey, IN
Shape: Fireball
Duration:1.5 minutes
Glowing orange craft seen over Macky Indiana. 7-4-08.

The object is on the left. There were no objects visible. However, the picture shows two. The object made no sound. It was glowing orange and moved fron the North to South West. It changed directions slowly to more South East and then disappeared. It was directly over a 80 acre farm field just East of our home. The object was lower than an cell phone tower that it passed, which was just North of the field. It moved slow at approximatel 15-30 miles per our. Eight people saw the object. The picture was taken with a cell phone. (see pic above)

Monday, July 7, 2008

Lucky Point

Have you ever been to Lucky Point Indiana? Have you ever heard of it? Well it is located west of Washington,IN and it is apparently not only a UFO hot spot, but just about every kind of paranormal activity you can think of has been reported there. Here are some articles I found.

From the Vincennes Sun-Commercial, Aug. 17, 1986
Locals Learn Knox County Has UFO 'Hot Spot'
A Knox County site has been a "hot spot" for UFO sightings during the last 12 years, according to the Mutual UFO Network Inc. "Lucky Point," located about 12 miles southeast of Vincennes on the White River flood plain, has been the site of between 50 and 100 sightings during the past two decades.
UFOs, or unidentified flying objects (a phrase coined by a government information officer in the early 1950s) were the focal point of a MUFON symposium held here Saturday afternoon at the Knights of Columbus Hall. The symposium, called "UFO's Are Real" was attended by about 20 enthusiasts, from as far away as Louisville, Ky.
The symposium was held as part of MUFON's observance of the second annual National UFO Information Week, Aug. 10-17.
Jerry L. Sievers, 140 Ramsey Road, is the assistant state director of MUFON. Sievers talked about several of the "Lucky Point" phenomena, which include cattle mutilation, the sighting of a huge, hairy "being," and the sighting by a Knox County Sheriff's Department deputy of a large, triangular UFO containg "slender" beings with large heads.
Lucky Point, so named for the abundance of deer in the area, not the abundance of UFOs, is a White River Peninsula. MUFON has recorded nearly 100 sightings in that area alone in the last 10 to 15 years, and many other sightings have gone unreported because they are so similar to existing reports, or because the residents have grown accustomed to the oddities, Sievers said.
Many of the sightings are of nocturnal lights, moving in the sky. Some are more unusual.
Sievers told of a farmer who sighted several of these lights. One orange ball of light hovered over his cattle pen. The next day, the farmer found one of his calves dead, with a precision, egg-shaped incision in its head. The calf's brain had been surgically removed from its head. According to the report, a veterinarian said he couldn't have done a neater job in his lab.
A second report came from a man who had stopped his car in the Lucky Point area to check on the "quaking poles"--a group of five power poles in the area that vibrate violently from time to time--when his car was approached from behind by a huge, fur-covered being with glowing red eyes.
Kerry Dean Teverbaugh, Monroe City, is a MUFON state section director for Vigo and Clay counties. He said the poles have been studied and researched by dozens of experts, and no explanation for the "quaking poles" has been put forth.
The third, and strangest, Lucky Point example came from a report given to Teverbaugh by a sheriff's department deputy. In November 1984, the county policeman had stopped in the area to stretch his legs, when he saw a "large, black triangle, 100 feet on a side, less than 200 feet away."
He also said he saw small, slender beings with large heads peering from windows of the "ship." The report also said the beings communicated with the deputy telepathically.
Teverbaugh said Indiana MUFON members at first thought the black triangle was a unique sighting, but they later learned there have been many similar sightings across the U.S.
Sievers and Teverbaugh used to teach a class at VIncennes University on unexplained phenomena. They used to tell students that if they spent five nights in the Lucky Point area, they would see something they could not explain. To their knowledge, no one has proved them wrong.
The primary purpose of the symposium, and of MUFON, according to Francis L. Ridge, the state director of MUFON, is to exchange information and to improve communication channels. He said last year's symposium and UFO Information Week, resulted in 30 UFO reports of both old and new sightings. "Hollywood theatrics" and skeptics have made MUFON attempts to study and investigate the UFO phenomenon difficult, but, he said, times are changing.
MUFON urges anyone who has seen a UFO, or knows of someone who has, to contact them. MUFON members are trained in investigation techniques before they become field investigators.
Anyone with questions about MUFON, or information on UFO's, may call Sievers, the local MUFON representative and assistant director, at (812) 882-1862. Ridge, Mount Vernon, may be reached at (812) 838-3120.

The Mysteries of Lucky Point
Submitted by D.V. Pyle, Washington, Ind., July 16, 1997
In southern Indiana there is an area which some researchers of the paranormal claim is a focal point for paranormal activity, and as such the area known as Lucky Point has become a focal point of investigations by members of the Unexplained Phenomena Research Organization.
The swampy wooded area is located in rural Knox County near the town of Monroe City. According to some, strange occurrences have happened there over the years.
The Unexplained Phenomena Research Organization (U.P.R.O.) is a national group dedicated to investigating unexplained supernatural mysteries. The Indiana chapter of the group is headed by Jerry Sievers out of his home in Vincennes, Indiana.
"We have had reports of things from U.F.O.'s, Sasquatch sightings, spook lights and ghosts in this area," Sievers commented.
One prominent mystery involves two utility poles buried in concrete, which some witnesses have claimed to observe shaking. Sievers said the poles seem to make a rattling sound sometimes. Additionally the ground has been reported as shaking at a rate of 50-feet an hour.
"They are two sets of double polls buried in concrete with a road running between them," Sievers said. "People up at Lucky Point watching for U.F.O.s have reported hearing the poles rattle."
REMC, the utility company responsible for maintaining the poles, has denied there is any problem with the poles. However, Sievers claims company representatives know about the polls, but have told him they cannot determine the reason for the rattling poles.
Another problem which Sievers says accompanies the rattling is that such items as camcorders mysteriously stop working in the area of the poles.
Sievers said it can take five visits to Lucky Point before one is able to hear the mysterious rattling noise.
"Witnesses who have heard the noise and reported it to us have said it could not be the electricity. Sometimes the vibrations are so extreme that the insulators holding the wire will jar and rattle," Sievers said.
Sievers said that in the 1980s a researcher said the underground sound was caused by magnetic activity. He added a geologist discounted that theory.
Fellow U.P.R.P. member Sharon Smith said she believes there is something very spooky about the Lucky Point area. Smith says she is sensitive to supernatural activities, and can sense the presence of spirits.
Smith added that even her own son could sense something was there.
"My son and I were both out there one day, we both sensed something else was there; the hair on the back of my neck stood up. He started into the woods, but turned back."
It is Smith's belief that the area is protected by the spirits of the Native Americans who used to live on the land. The Lucky Point area might at one time have been a burial ground.
"I believe everyone has psychic powers which can act as windows and doorways into other places," Smith said.
The area first started to become popular for U.F.O. watchers in the 1970s, and continues to be a popular gathering spot, Sievers said. Lots of people have offered up different explanations for the mysterious activities, some of which Sievers himself has a hard time believing.
"Some psychics have claimed there is an underground hanger for outer space ships in the area, but there is no proof," Smith said.
"That will have to be proven to me, but there has been a lot of speculation about it," Sievers said.
Added in with the mysterious noise and spirits are many sightings of U.F.O.s, which is what Lucky Point is primarily noted for.

Also MUFON of Indiana has a whole section on Lucky Point with various reports of sightings.

And EERIE Radio has a whole episode dedicated to Lucky Point.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Over 100 Years Of Local UFO Sightings

It seems that our area is a UFO hotspot. After doing some research I have uncovered numerous reports of sightings as recent as late June '08 going all the way back to 1880. This list is so long long in fact, that to post it here would take way too much space. So I broke the list in half and posted it on the EvansvilleUFO Report MySpace Blog. Just go here to read the entire list.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Indiana UFOs and Earthquakes - April '08

Well I did not see any strange lights, but I did feel the earthquake. Local TV news reported on the "lights" on the 17th I think it was. Here is a report from

UFO WATCH:Strange Aerial Lights Like Texas - But Now Photographed in Indiana, Illinois, and Massachusetts

April 24, 2007 Kokomo, Indiana; Oswego, Illinois; and Granville, Massachusetts - At 4:37 AM Central on Friday, April 18, 2008, at an epicenter 38 miles northwest of Evansville, Indiana (38.450°N, 87.890°W), a magnitude 5.2 earthquake at 7.2 miles deep shook sleeping residents from Bellmont, Illinois, to St. Louis, Missouri, Des Moines, Iowa, Michigan, Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama, Kansas and Georgia nearly 900 miles away. Indianapolis International Airport closed down for an hour while the control tower was evacuated. This was the first strong earthquake in the Midwest since 1968. Two days before on April 16, 2008, in Kokomo, Indiana, northeast of the epicenter, residents between 10:25 and 10:40 PM Central, flooded the 911 emergency center with 146 phone call reports about bright lights in the sky and a loud explosion or boom that violently rattled houses and windows. Authorities were quick to say it was “a midair mistake Wednesday night” when at least two F-16 jets in routine training exercises with the Indiana Air National Guard went too fast at 10,000 feet and caused a sonic boom on the ground.But MUFON received a series of alleged UFO sightings on the night of April 16, 2008, from Kokomo residents Here is one example:“At approximately 10:30 PM on the night of April 16, I was in the living room watching TV and my husband had gone to bed. There was a huge boom that rattled the front window. My husband asked what the noise was and I went to the front door to see. Off to the west there appeared a large object with lights all the way across it. It reminded me of a hair barrette with lights. It seemed to be hovering, yet the lights appeared to turn. My husband came out to stand behind me just in time to see the lights reappear from right to left until 5 lights were showing. Then it did it for a second time before it disappeared. The lights we saw with the naked eye were yellowish-orange in color.“If you click on, click on the article about the Boom and the bright lights. You will see pictures that someone submitted.The fourth picture down is exactly what I saw when I first looked out. This was no meteor orF-16. They don't hover. We could not take our eyes off of it and my husband, who is a Viet Nam veteran and a retired deputy sheriff, said he had never seen anything like it. We are both certain that what we saw was unidentifiable. The next morning, when I went out to get the newspaper at a little after 5 AM, I looked off into the west in the same vicinity. There, in front of the moon was a huge V-shaped dark cloud that reminded me of a flower vase with a lot of much smaller jet trails near it.” Source: MUFON. The next day, WWKI Radio 100.5 in Kokomo, Indiana, posted on its website under the headline:“Big boom! Lights in the sky?Photos courtesy of Dustin Cronkhite, taken between 10 to 11 PM, on April 16, 2008. Take a look at these pictures ... after you do, take the poll and let us know what YOU think they are?”Earthfiles cropped the photos of multiple colored, shape-changing aerial objects to give largest images without too much pixel distortion; thus, variable image sizes...
by Linda Moulton Howe

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Evansville UFO reports from NUFORC

These are random area reports from the NUFORC site.

National UFO Reporting Center State Report Index For IN

2/22/07 01:10 Evansville IN Rectangle 2 minutes Evansville, IN 2/22/07---LARGE Craft passed overhead, noise eminated, definitely not standard aircraft, report from amateur astronomer 2/24/07
10/3/06 00:15 Newburgh IN Sphere 2 minutes Large orange ball of light hovering 200-300 feet from our home. 10/30/06
9/29/04 04:00 Evansville IN Circle 20 secs 2 objects, one following the other, leaving the atmosphere. 10/27/04
5/7/04 21:15 Boonville IN Sphere 6 minutes Orange illuminated sphere moving west at high speed in a straight line. 5/10/04
12/20/03 22:40 Evansville IN Egg five seconds bright light falling from sky, southwest to northeast. descending at 90 degree angle 1/17/04
10/13/03 01:00 Evansville IN Light 10min confirm coast to coast caller Sullivan Indiana 1/17/04
8/28/03 23:30 Evansville IN Other 2-3 minutes Our family had gone to bed for the night, when my daughter entered my bedroom and expressed concerned over an outside "light" that was 9/4/03
4/13/01 02:37 Evansville IN Disk side ways It was like seeing a fleet of plates all grey except for the lights flying through the air. 4/28/01
12/24/00 20:00 Evansville IN Fireball 4 plus hours while driving home from pre christmass dinner, OUr family began to pay attention what we thought was an airplane. However, the object a 1/3/01
5/7/00 22:45 Evansville IN Diamond 10 seconds I spotted an amber colored diamond in the sky that seemed to shrink and fade until I could see it no more. I was looking to the west-no 5/11/00
4/1/00 06:28 Evansville IN Sphere 10 min noticed a dark stationary object hanging just below the cloud base 4/15/00
1/1/00 22:00 Evansville IN Cigar 2 seconds Long black cigar-shaped craft flew over at low altitude and was extremely quick despite no engine noise (only wind) 2/24/01
6/17/99 23:30 Evansville IN Light 1 min. I was outside at work at the specified time looking up at approximately a 75 degree angle facing east. I noticed a small group of sta 7/5/99
6/22/98 00:45 Evansville IN Light 5 minutes TO: National UFO Reporting Center From: ((Deleted)) Dear National UFO Reporting Center, I live in the city of Evansville, loca 11/21/98
3/26/98 19:00 Poseyville IN Oval 50 seconds I couldn't tell if it was about ten crafts or one craft with about ten lights. They were tinted red, and have been seen around my town. 1/28/99
10/18/97 15:00 Evansville IN unknown about 1 min. Daughter & I were fishing and when we heard & saw a plane I said "look honey, see the plane!" At that time somethuing appeared just beh 1/28/99
3/15/96 18:35 Evansville IN 5 min Two men in car see 2 bright orange lights in N sky, which move, then extinguish. Reappear in NW sky, split into 5 objs., disappear. 11/2/99
10/15/95 22:00 Evansville IN Unknown 4 minutes Bright Bold Primary Colored Lights in the Sky BUT no shape of a craft. 12/2/00
7/12/94 06:45 Evansville IN Circle Small,bright(white),fast,and round 5/24/99
11/2/93 02:00 Evansville IN Triangle 30 minutes Driving home from work one evening late around 2am on hwy 44 evansville indiana I noticed in the night sky a strange light. It looked s 9/9/04
9/20/90 01:30 Newburgh IN Triangle 1 hour lighted object with a strange motion. May have been livestock involvment. 9/2/05
3/5/87 03:00 Evansville IN Light 1 min. I was a junior in college at the local university. It was some time in March just before midterms. I was sound alseep and suddenly aw 9/2/05
4/20/70 14:00 Evansville IN Disk 10 minutes saucer shaped object above cornfield 3/2/04

Is Evansville a UFO hotspot?

According to the Burlington UFO Center, Evansville and the surrounding area is a hotbed of UFO activity. The following info is taken from their website.

UFO Hotspots of the Nation

Gulf Breeze, FL- This has been all over "Sightings" and on the specials on TV. You can go to the beach on the Gulfpanhandle near Pensacola and be entertained for hours by all the lights moving about. Sort of a paranormal 4th of July. It's a nightly event.
Corydon, Indiana- This has been listed in one resource over a long time as being a top sight. It is a small town just west of Louisville, KY in the southern part of the state. There is a lot of activity in Indiana and I will give you the rest coming up.
Anza Valley, California- I am assuming this is just west of San Diego.
Elk River, Minnesota- Just to the north and west of Minneapolis, another little town.
Lincolnton, North Carolina- Here is yet another little hamlet just outside of Charlotte to the northeast.
Pine Bush, New York- This teeny town of about 1500 is located in southern NY state just north east of Middletown.
North Bergen, New Jersey- Situated on the Hudson river directly opposite New York City, this small city has experienced over 7,000 sightings over a 5 year period.

SEMI-HOT RE-OCCURRING CITIES... Topanga, California Springfield, Missouri St. Louis, Missouri Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and vicinity Clio, Michigan Kalamazoo, Michigan Waynesville, Ohio Waverly, Ohio Owensville, Ohio Madison, Ohio Raeford, North Carolina Havelock, North Carolina Newark, New Jersey Asbury Park, New Jersey Fort Wayne, Indiana Bloomington, Indiana Evansville, Indiana Ligonier, Indiana Indianapolis, Indiana Phoenix (and Gilbert, a suburb), Arizona Prescott Valley, Arizona Bouse, Arizona Tuscon, Arizona Portland, Oregon Eugene, Oregon Salem, Oregon Yakima, Washington Houston, Texas Austin, Texas (Those are the specific towns or cities where activity has been heavy over the years.)

Here is a run-down of areas within the states with a good concentration of sightings. Be on the look-out if you are driving through these areas at night.


Indiana- For some reason they like Indiana a lot. There is heavy activity from Evansville area up through Bloomington to Indianapolis and from there up to South Bend. If you follow that line, you will see the main UFO trail emerge. Other areas are up by Lake Michigan and down by Richmond, near the Ohio border. Of all the states, Indiana has the most number of different places where re-occurring sightings occur.
Ohio- Mostly around the Cincinnati area, but there is a trail leading from there, northeast to Columbus and up to Akron.
Illinois- Has a few from St, Louis up the center of the state to Rockford, which is quite hot. Rockford just had a sighting of abut a dozen UFO's over the city, January of 2001.

E'ville History: Small UFO flap in area - March '98 Part Three

It almost seems like a "Phoenix Lights" type of event right here in our area. Here is one last tidbit I found.

On Saturday, March 28, 1998, Washington asked Stone to monitor the skies and look for anything unusual due to the "flap" of sorts appearing to be around the Henderson-Evansville-Owensboro, Ky, area. Jerry Sievers, IN/MUFON State Director, first brought this to Washington's attention on the afternoon of March 28 when he called to say that Fox Television had reported over 300 sightings or sightings reports since that previous Monday n the Tri-State area comprised of Southern Indiana, Ohio, and Northern Kentucky.
Stone said he stepped outside around 7:15 p.m. CST to take a look. Within minutes he noticed three objects that were each sporting a white and red flashing light ("there was no sound.") "What was peculiar about them is that they were flying a perfect triangle; it almost appeared as if they were one object because of their well-defined formation. I watched them with great interest as they flew in a NW direction towards the tree-filled horizon. "Before they got there, however, this extremely bright, whitish-gold light descended from a nearby cloud and flew towards the other lights. It was as if it "turned on" the other three somehow, as they began to glow the same color as that one. I watched with amazement as they silently neared the trees. I moved into a position to get a better look and as I did, two of them doubled back and headed straight for me. One of them flew off to my right, while the other one (now back to its white-red flashing light "stage") flew right over the top of my head. That's when I noticed a small triangular object with golden-colored lights on all three corners flying with its tip turned towards a "plane-like" object with red and white lights on its"wings." "I thought a crash was imminent they were that close. As I continued to watch, the tip (facing the two white-red flashing ones) began to generate an even more brilliant golden light. They were directly over me at this time and I could tell that the small triangle was heading slightly southeast, while the object with the white-red combination was heading due east. As they flew along, the small triangle merged with the white-red object, almost as if it were eating it. The now merged object then turned on its side and continued flying while the triangle was nowhere to be seen. (That was one tricky maneuver if you ask me!) I kept watching as it flew out of sight. Throughout the duration of my observation I counted around 15 of these white-red flashing lights all heading in the same direction. I heard a helicopter at one point, as well, but was never able to spot it. It was off to the west and sounded as if an airplane did fly over my head later on, which was sporting the regulation red-green-white combo of lights and did have sound accompanying it."

E'ville History: Small UFO flap in area - March '98 Part Two

And the story grows.......................................

Lynn Taylor: Indiana UFO Sightings 1998
Lynn Taylor, UFO Field Investigator
Date: 98-03-30 10:57:39 EST
Indiana UFO Sightings widespread March 1998

The following article by Mr. Kenny Young in Cincinnati suggests that large scale sightings occurred over Indiana on the night of March 27, 1998 (Friday), and that officials contacted had no official response, except to deny any knowledge concerning said sightings (not surprising). All I will say is, something fitting the general description of the objects reported in the article was observed by three witnesses just three miles south of my home, at 11:02 PM on that same night. One of the witnesses has logged many hours in the field observing nocturnal flying objects, and is considered by those who know her, as a highly credible witness. (She just happens to be my 14 year old daughter, as well.) (I will provide an account of their sighting in a separate e-mail report.)
As a post script, the following evening, Saturday, March 28th, between 10:00 PM and 1:00 AM, my wife and two of my daughters visited various parts of Monroe and Morgan Counties, looking for further signs of activity. Talk about a quiet evening. We had trouble finding even a Piper Cub that night.

UFO REPORTS: Indiana, March 1998
A massive series of UFO sightings are supposedly underway as of this writing, according to information this writer has acquired within the last two hours. WTVW, Fox 7 News from Evansville, Indiana was contacted, and I spoke with reporter Kerry Dean, who said that the station had been getting strange reports "as fast as we can take them."
Dean said that reports have been coming in within the past week, but they experienced a dramatic upsurge of reported sightings Friday night, March 27. There were more reports tonight, the most recent being within the past hour.
"They're coming in about as fast as we can take them," Dean reiterated. "They tend to fall into three categories, single lights in sky twice as bright as Venus which are colored yellow, white and silver, five lights in a triangle shape with a brilliant white light on the leading edge, and two parallel lines of white dots in the sky, ranging from 3 to 5 objects."
When asked for details on the triangular object, Dean said that reports indicated it was very large. "People said that there were two lights down each side in formation, attached to large, structured triangular object which was as large as a silver dollar held at arms length."
Dean said that the Evansville, Indiana station has received somewhere around three hundred UFO reports since Monday.
"We contacted NORAD and Evansville (Indiana) FAA Flight Service. Terre Haute and Indianapolis FAA was also contacted and reported nothing," Dean added, "and Colorado is reporting no re-entry of any kind."
Dean said that the duration of the reports lasts between three seconds to four minutes.
There is a video crew out tonight attempting to acquire footage of the UFOs. "We have dispatched some cameramen to record this activity," he said.
The Indiana State Police and Vincennes City Police Departments have also reported UFOs, and have had reports called into them from the public.
The latest UFO sighting occurred tonight near Hosville, Kentucky, involving a bright light in the eastern sky moving south.
"Most of the objects are moving east-west or south, despite the fact that there are very strong southerly winds. The objects would have to be traveling against the wind, which is about 80 knots or 90 miles per hour," said Dean.
When informed of my investigations regarding the Ohio sightings last March 26, Dean said: "The flare theory has been a factor, but the wind is a complicating issue and nobody is taking credit for them."
One of the lights was alleged to have been intercepted by an F-16 over Knox County, Indiana near Vincennes, as per the comments made by a caller to the station. This person suggested that they were flares from an F-16.
The only air corridor used for MOA activities is in Terre Haute, around 100 miles north of there, and they are reporting no operations.
Jerry Washington of Kentucky MUFON reports that Mr. Jerry Sievers (IN/MUFON SD) advised him of a "big hullabaloo" on Friday night, March 27, 1998.
"A big, large ring of UFOs" was reportedly seen near the Toyota manufacturing plant in Princeton, Indiana, and a "large, grey triangle with five lights on one side" was seen around Petersburg, Indiana, and areas north of there. A "nocturnal light" was reportedly spotted in Kentucky, according to the sketchy report.
UFO researcher Francis Ridge saw a news report on the 9:00 PM Fox news that same evening. "I've seen this happen before and nothing ever seems to come of it," Ridge states. "The N-S path is unusual because there are no flight corridors running like that. I guess it's too early to tell."
Ridge added that the Fox report described sightings from Olney, Illinois to Vincennes, Petersburg, Princeton and Evansville, Indiana and south into Owensboro, KY.
"The last time this happened the military said they were doing helicopter maneuvers and dropping flares," Ridge added. However, he cautions that the wind was strong at the time, and there were severe storm alerts in progress. "You don't drop flares under those circumstances," said Ridge.
To acquire an e-mail or fax copy of this news article, I contacted The Indianapolis, Indiana offices of The Associated Press. Mr. Jerry Ross checked a computer and said that there were no recent stories about UFOs reported by The Associated Press. Furthermore, he said, there was nothing that he had heard of regarding UFOs either.
To find out more about this 'Big Hullabaloo,' I contacted the Princeton, Indiana police department. The gentleman who answered the phone wasn't aware of any such UFO sightings. He added that the Toyota plant is outside of their jurisdiction. He said 'the county' may provide more help, and my call was transferred to the Gibson County Sheriff's office.
The female dispatcher there didn't know about UFO reports and didn't have anything off-hand, such as reports or news releases before her. In addition, she reviewed the logs from as far back as 3:00 p.m. on Friday, March 27, and there was no incoming phone calls to their office regarding UFOs. She was a very courteous and helpful person.
The Princeton, Indiana Toyota Plant was contacted at and the security guard I spoke with was present on the previous evening (March 27), and said there were no UFO sightings made to his knowledge. He said he was on-duty until midnight, and that it was a stormy evening with a cloudy sky. He is a dispatcher for the security, and also transferred my call to his supervisor. The supervisor also had no knowledge of such activity. If there was something that happened, he said that he would have known about it.
In an effort to gather more information about an alleged UFO sighted near Petersburg, Indiana on March 27, 1998, The Pike County Sheriff's Office was contacted and the dispatcher who responded to the call seemed surprised at my request for information, stating not to have heard any such news beforehand. She transferred me to another person, Officer Hill.
Hill said there were no reports logged through the department, and there was a 'citizen' who is possibly a crank, that sometimes calls in UFO sightings. However, no calls were received recently. He said that he had talked with the officers from the previous evening, and that it was quiet all night.
On the side, he also added that an Otwell, Indiana resident had seen an unusual object recently, and residents from a nearby Mini-mart store also came out and also saw it. He had heard of this account through a family member.
Around 5:30 p.m., I spoke with someone from a COUNTY Sheriff's office (the precise department will not be specified) who doesn't wish to be quoted. He was very kind and helpful, and I will respect his wishes for privacy. He conveys the following:
Information was transmitted 'over the computer' from The State Police (originating from Evansville, Indiana) regarding some UFO sightings, and a fax copy was received about 1-week ago. The informant does not think the fax copy from the state police was presently at the department, as it may have since been discarded. At the time, the fax from the State Police was perceived to be 'some sort of joke.'
This fax was regarding a Crop Circle which appeared in Duboise County, and an officer was dispatched to the scene, and since instructed to 'be on the lookout.' In response to questions, this informant added that the state police received the news from an associated press newspaper article regarding Crop Circles near Huntingburg, Indiana which were found near a field recently. This person felt that the photo in this newspaper article was fishy, indicating it was of a recent nature, and yet the trees in the photo had 'leaves on them.'
Central dispatch for the area was contacted, and the dispatcher who answered the phone said that he was not authorized to release any information. He then transferred my call to the Duboise County Sheriff's Office. The dispatcher, without missing a beat, immediately told me to contact The Huntingburg Press who had reported the story about UFO sightings and a crop circle.
I called and received no answer (being Saturday evening). This writer will again try to contact this number Monday morning and will provide updates as early as possible.
It was during this same time of year in 1997 that a massive wave of UFO reports flooded police stations and news agencies from the Southern Ohio region. The Springfield Air National Guard assumed responsibility for the sightings, declaring that military flare maneuvers were visible to the populace due to exceptional atmospheric clarity.
The reports from Indiana on March 27 and 28, however, are further complicated by the lack of atmospheric clarity (heavy cloud conditions) and strong winds.
This writer will continue to follow this story, and will advise of any further updates.
Note: Phone numbers for above agencies on file for future reference
Filed March 28, 1998
Kenny Young
Cincinnati, Ohio
Lynn Taylor, Association for Aerial Anomaly Research and Cataloging (AAARC)

E'ville History: Small UFO flap in area - March '98

These reports are now 10 years old but none the less important to review.


Numerous V-shaped or triangular UFOs were sighted last week in southern Indiana around Evansville (population 126,272).
On Sunday, March 22, 1998, at 10 p.m., ufologist Lynn Taylor and his wife Linda were driving home to Bloomington on Highway 37. As they neared Martinsville (population 11,677), about 25 miles (40 kilometers) south of Indianapolis, the couple "got a glimpse of a giant, round, dimly-lit object, perhaps 50 feet above a hill, off to our right," i.e. to the west. Taylor reported, "This is only the fourth time I have witnessed this type of object."
On Monday, March 23, 1998, Cal Washburn, an Indiana TV producer, spotted a UFO in the sky over Spurgeon, Ind. (population 250), while traveling on Highway Highway 61 about 19 miles (30 kilometers) south of Petersburg.
As he reached a hilltop, Washburn "could see through (the branches of) a tree, some lights that were 'enormous.'" He counted "four to six red-colored lights that were in a 'perfect row.'" He reported that "another four or five lights went off and on intermittently...They moved in a perfect formation. It was as if they were attached to something."
On Friday evening, March 27, 1998, three residents of Evansville called WTVW Channel 7 and reported seeing "a light twice as bright as Venus." Looking closer, they spied a triangular UFO with "yellow, white and blue bright lights...with a brilliant white light on the leading edge."
In Princeton, Ind. (population 8,127), located on Highway 64 about 27 miles (43 kilometers) north of Evansville, residents reported "a large ring of UFOs seen at the rear of the Toyota manufacturing plant" on the outskirts of town.
In Petersburg, Ind. (population 2,449), located on Highway 57 about 14 miles (23 kilometers) north of Princeton, people reported seeing "a large grey triangle with five lights on one side."
A "giant flying triangle" was also reported that evening in Otwell, Ind. (population 500), located on Highway 257 about eight miles (11 kilometers) southeast of Petersburg.
At 11:02 p.m., Jana Taylor, 14, daughter of Lynn and Linda Taylor of Bloomington, was riding in a car with her friend Karen and Karen's mother, Kate, on old Highway 37 just south of Dolan, Ind. when she spotted something strange in the sky.
Jana said she "spotted a triangle-shaped craft hovering motionless, about 15 feet above the trees on a hillside off to our right."
"You could make out the shape because of light pollution from (nearby) Bloomington," Jana reported, "The object had a large, bright bluish-white light at each of the three corners. You know what it would look like if you had a blue lens, then put a white lightbulb behind it that's too bright, how the white will overpower the blue, but you could still see some blue?"
Jana pointed it out to Karen and her mother. Kate pulled onto a side road. Here they saw more lights on the craft, which Jana described as "four non-blinking red lights that could be seen in the middle area." The UFO then "turned southwest towards Bloomington and dropped behind the hills nearby." (Many thanks to Lynn Taylor, Steve Wilson Sr., Jerry Stevers of MUFON and Kenneth Young of Tri-States Advocates for Scientific Knowledge, T.A.S.K., for these reports.)


On Saturday evening, March 28, 1998, witnesses in Hawesville, Kentucky (population 1,150), a town on the south shore of the Ohio River 40 miles (64 kilometers) east of Evansville, Indiana, reported sighting "a very bright light in the eastern sky, moving slowly to the south."
On Tuesday, March 31, 1998, Mortimer V. Sloane spotted a "blinking red light on my farm coming from the southwest. I didn't see any structure, just the flashing lights. I have to tell you, this cannot be seen without binoculars--there's something about the red. It's hard to pick out. They stayed in view for two to five minutes. They were about 45 degrees (above the horizon), maybe a little higher. There was no other glow except for the blinking red light."
He described the UFO as looking like this * in the binoculars' field of view.
The Sloane farm is near Wakefield, Kentucky, on Highway 85 about 36 miles (58 kilometers) southeast of Louisville.

E'ville History: Local newspaper report of sighting - March '07

The following is taken from the Evansville courier & press newspaper. The sighting took place on Sunday March 4th 2007. The article appeared in the paper on Wednesday March 7th 2007.

Police: 'UFO' probably a plane
By GAVIN LESNICK Courier & Press staff writer
Wednesday, March 7, 2007

A strange object emitting green-and-white light was seen hovering early Sunday evening over southeastern Warrick County.
At least one person called the Warrick police dispatch center after seeing the object around 6:30 p.m. over the Yankeetown and Red Bush areas.
But Warrick County officials believe it most likely was not out of this world at all.
Warrick County Sheriff's Department Chief Deputy Brett Kruse, who also saw it, said it probably was just an airplane.
Kruse was driving when a call came over the scanner about the object, so he looked up and saw what appeared to be a distant airplane.
And that, he said, easily could be mistaken for what people traditionally think of when they talk of UFOs or alien spacecrafts. An airplane circling through a small area might appear to be hovering from a distance.
"If it's moving in a holding pattern, it's going to look like it's sitting still," Kruse said.
Deputies went to a house in the area after a woman called dispatch. But Kruse said by the time they arrived about 10 minutes later, whatever it was had gone.
"There was nothing to see," Kruse said. "And there were no cows missing out of the field or anything like that."
Kruse watched the object for about 15 minutes until it started moving to the north end of the county.
He said he is fairly confident it was just a plane, but he stopped short of saying he was absolutely certain.
"All I know is what I saw, and I saw what looked like a plane," he said. "Now, I'm not sure it was a plane. But that's what I would think it would be from my experience and 45 years of watching stuff in the sky. I haven't ever seen any flying saucers."

Strange light seen north of Evansville - March '08

Another local report that came into NUFORC. On Sunday March 9th at around 7:15 pm the following sighting took place.

"I was driving south on a back road off of Highway 41 in Darmstadt,IN near the city of Evansville when I looked up and saw a large, white ball of light moving rather slowly across the sky moving from west to east. It was about 1500ft. up and appeared to be descending slightly as it moved into some clouds and disappeared. The entire sighting only lasted a couple of seconds.I rolled down my window to get a better look and to listen for any sound (possibly from an airplane) there was none.Thinking it might have been an airplane anyway since our airport is only 7 miles from where I was, I drove by the airport to see if any planes had landed recently but from my observations none had. Besides, the approach for this "craft" would have been all wrong to land at our airport.I am a family man in my late thirties with a college degree. If you post this you can call me realwolf."
As always if you have any info on this event or you would like to make your own report, please leave a comment or send me an e-mail.

Triangle shaped craft spotted over Evansville - April '08

On Wednesday April 2nd a "Very dimly lit , low flying and silent triangular object" was spotted over Evansville, Indiana. The sighting lasted about two minutes and took place at around 8:20 PM. Here is the witness report from the NUFORC database.

"On the aforementioned date at the aforementioned time I was on the telephone in the 3rd floor apartment that I live in in Evansville, Indiana. I had been talking to a friend of mine and decided to take the conversation out onto the balcony while I smoked a cigarette. The night sky was clear and the stars were very visible. As I spoke on the phone to my friend and smoked I looked up at the night sky because the view was spectacular. At this time I saw a triangular shaped dimly lit object come over the apartment building and move at a steady but somewhat slow pace on a northwest trajectory. It only seemed to be about 200 to 300 feet above the ground and not very large. It made absolutely no sound. I watched in astonishment and relayed what I was seeing to my friend via phone. I then hung up and thought about what I had seen to see if there was a "logical explanation". I thought of geese because of the somewhat low flight pattern. However in my experience here in Indiana you ALWAYS hear geese when they fly overhead. HONK HONK! This also fails to explain the LIGHTED nature of what I had seen. It was almost like a kite with very dimly lit lights along its edges Possibly six if you count the point. It was so dimly lit in fact that if not for the motion of it I may not have noticed it at all. I called my mother in Louisiana to describe the event to her and once again as I was talking to her I scanned the skies. It was then that I sighted movement in the northwest and saw the same object taking a "nosedive" downward for about 5 seconds and then once again disappear. First time I have ever experienced a sighting of any kind in the night skies."
As always if you have any info on this event, or you would like to make your own report please leave a comment or send me an e-mail.

Recent UFO activity over Newburgh

According to NUFORC (National UFO Reporting Center) there were two strange sightings over Newburgh Indiana in the last week of May. The first sighting occurred on Saturday May 24th at around 10:30 pm and lasted for about two minutes. The witness described the the objects as "Two circular lights about the size of the moon" and gave the following account. "I was about to go to bed when I looked outside my window the last time. Southeast in the sky were two circular shapes. They were both about the size of the moon. The sky was completely cloudy, so there was no visible moon. After about two minutes of sitting idle, it slowly disappeared."
Exactly one week later there is another strange sighting over Newburgh. On Saturday May 31st at around 8:00 pm, A family witnessed the following event over the course of five minutes.
"Five or more people saw a string of bright red lights hovering in the sky that disappeared. I am the daughter of the witness. My father, mother, and uncle were sitting outside. My mother came into the house to tell me they (mom, dad, and uncle) were going to drive down to a place where they saw a string of big red lights in the sky. They went there, and as they got there, two cars turning the corner suddenly stop as they approached the lights. But when they actually got there, the lights were gone. This took about five minutes. My father described them as big red Christmas lights hovering stationary in the sky. My mother described them like exploded fireworks that hadn’t disappeared. My uncle didn’t give a description. My father just now, at 21:54 of the same day, told me he called the sheriff and reported the event. The sheriff said that about a year ago, the exact same thing was reported in the exact same area".
Definitely weird stuff indeed. If you have any info on these particular events or would like to make your own report, please leave a comment or send me an e-mail.